Exhibiting significant artworks from Japan as well as abroad, the Museum of Modern Art, Shiga encourages people to have more profound understanding on art and sense of beauty, so that all of us can enjoy spiritual richness in our daily lives.


The museum is situated in the cultural zone, suburban area from where the Lake Biwa as well as Hira & Hiei mountains can be viewed. The beautiful Japanese garden is just beside the museum and the library as well as the center for archaeology are within walking distance.


The museum collection is in 3 categories;

  1. Modern Japanese style painting, especially the works related to the Japan Art Academy (Nihon Bijutsu-in).
  2. Works related to Shiga prefecture.
  3. Postwar contemporary art especially from U.S.A. and Japan.

These works are exhibited in rotation in the permanent collection room. Also, there is a special corner dedicated to a local artist Yuki Ogura, one of the most important female painters of modern Japanese style painting.

●Special Exhibitions

Starting from the 3 categories of our collection, the museum organizes unique and high-quality exhibitions from broader viewpoints.


The museum engages in various researches on artworks, conservation, education and so on.


Not only organizing various lectures and seminars, we also publish bulletins and newsletters on art. We have film archive and video documentations as well.

●Rental space

Rental space is available for solo & group exhibitions or various art activities.